Here you will find all information about our GlobalTaxCenter software, currently available in version 21.

If you prefer to read the documentation in German , please follow this link.

How to setup?

Before you do an installation of the software GlobalTaxCenter (GTC), please check the system requirements.

System requirements 

Installation instruction

If the GTC software is already installed and you just want to perform an update, the following information will help you.

Update instruction

Whats new?

We are implementing our software using Scrum. Every three weeks we deploy a minor version. Not every minor version is delivered, but nevertheless we create release notes to keep you up to date.

Release Notes 21.XX.00

Three times a year we provide a main version. For this version we also implement bug fixes and make them available to our customers at a fast pace. The following release notes are available for our current major version.

Release Notes 21.00.XX