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How can I import and test the ESEF taxonomy in SmartNotes?

The ESEF DRAFT taxonomy must be imported as follows

1. Download taxonomy: 

2. In SmartNotes, click on "XBRL File Cache and Proxy Settings" in the "User Settings"

3. Set, close and save the settings as in the screenshot

4. Call up the path displayed under "Cache folder" in the file explorer:

corresponds to

5. Unpack the ZIP file from step 1 into this folder so that the folder "XBRLCache" is inside the folder.

6. Add the ESEF taxonomy in the "SmartNotes Taxonomy management "(Tools menu). Create a new group, named "ESEF" (1), select the new group and click on "Check in XBRL Taxonomy" (2), insert the following URL (3):

und auf „Open“ klicken (5) und dann den Dialog speichern (6) und schließen.

7. Open the "XBRL Units" dialog in the "Tools" menu and create a new unit "EUR" (1-4)

8. Open the document settings and in the tab "XBRL Settings" select the default currency from step 7 and the taxonomy from step 6. save and close

9. Now in the XBRL Mapping Dialog (menu "Tools") the ESEF taxonomy (right) can be assigned to the report data (left) by drag and drop.

10. An XBRL file can be created via the Output Manager

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