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If an application has to be updated, it must be imported again. Web Deploy packages are used for this, just like with the initial installation. The update procedure is the same as the import procedure described in Import of an Application for both Portal Web and Server application. It is highly recommended to create a backup from the application database as well as from the application files on the server before updating it.

First, the ZIP file with the new application needs to be selected:

After clicking on "Next" the application path will be requested. Usually, this path has a predefined entry, and MUST be removed if the application is not installed under a subpath of the server URL (see Import of an Application).

In the next dialog, all package content should be checked.

It is recommended to remove all files and replace it with the updated files. Note: All files in the App_Data folder of each applications will be deleted, including error logs.

Important: After this step, the configurations (Web.config) described in the chapter Configuration of the Application must be reviewed and adjusted (if required).

After the update, the application will be restarted automatically if called from a web-browser. As soon as started, it will automatically migrate the database with required changes. It is recommended to run basic tests including checking the Information page in the Masterdata → System Settings page to make sure that all components are running fine.

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