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The main components of the AMAN XBRL portal are the AMANA XBRL Processing Service and the portal application. The Processing Service is a SOAP Web Service (WCF) and performs the following tasks to process a XBRL file:

  • Importing a XBRL file
  • Validating a XBRL file according to the XBRL specification
  • Visualization of a XBRL file (Excel Report)
  • Calculation of key performance indicators and data queries
  • Storage of the results in a database (assignment to a financial intermediary and a reporting template)
  • Feedback on the results of the processing

The AMANA XBRL Portal is an (ASP-) web application which enables the administration of XBRL filings. This includes

  • Master Data management
  • Filing management
  • XBRL taxonomy administration
  • Evaluations
  • Forwarding of filings

The two components use a shared database (MSSQL).
In addition to the components shown, it is also possible to connect other systems via interfaces:

  • User authentication via an Active Directory
  • Email notification
  • Synchronization of financial intermediaries via a CRM system
  • Synchronization of notification templates and requests and cancellation of notifications
  • Export of evaluation results

The documentation of the listed interfaces is not part of this document.

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