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The XBRL cache is used by both the AMANA XBRL Portal and the XBRL processing service. For this reason, one directory to which both applications have access is sufficient. For this purpose, a directory "XBRLData" should be created in the main directory of the IIS Manager (located at C:\inetpub). The directory can also be created anywhere.

In order for the applications to be able to access this directory, the permissions must be adjusted as follows. To do this, right-click on the folder to adjust the properties. In the Security tab, these can be changed by clicking the Edit button.
In the dialog that now opens, the User group needs full control. After the changes have been made, both dialogs can be closed with OK.

The SmartXBRLSettings.xml file must now be copied to the XBRL data directory and the folder "XBRLCache" should be created.

The SmartXBRLSettings.xml file must now be opened and edited with an editor. The line <XBRLFileCachePath> must be adapted as shown in the figure. The marked path corresponds to the absolute path of the previously created XBRLCache directory. After the adjustment the file can be saved and closed.

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