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The use of an encrypted communication (SSL) is possible by means of a certificate, further information under

Import the certificate

If a suitable certificate is available for the web server, the certificate can be set up in the IIS. To do this, the submenu "Server Certificates" on the start page of the web server must be clicked.

In the "Actions" menu on the right side you will find the option "Complete certificate request". Click on this option to define a new certificate for the web server. In the first field the local path to the certificate file must be selected. A display name is assigned in the second field. In the third field the value "Webhosting" must be selected from the selection menu. The request can now be confirmed with OK.

Assigning the Certificate to the application

In the next step the certificate has to be assigned to the application. Therefore right click on the application and select Edit Bindings. A new binding must be added in the following menu. To do this, select the "Add" button. In the following dialog select "https" as type, the port should be set to 443. Under "SSL Certificate" you can now select the certificate imported in the previous step:

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