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Version 1.5 of the Tagger introduces the possiblity to merge multiple documents of the iXBRL format into one, e.g. if:

  • Multiple users work on subsets of the original document
  • Only the PFS are tagged in a separate document and the remaining document is just attached
  • Several source documents have to be used, even if they have different filetypes

With the new feature it is possible to:

  • Merge documents from different source file types
  • Preserve the styles of the original documents, even if they differ a lot
  • Merge the taxonomies, e.g. if different documents only have subsets of the target taxonomy extension


It is not possible to merge documents that have different extensions or base taxonomies.

To merge documents, follow these steps:

  1. Create iXBRL of all files that should be merged:

  2. Select the merging dialog:

3. Click on the Add button and select the documents of type .xhtml (generated in step 1) that should be merged:

4. Open the generated .xhtml file IN the output folder. The extension taxonomy MUST be in the folder structure the Tagger creates:

5. Click on Merge and Validate XBRL. For example, the result could look like this:

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