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The processing performance of the application depends on the hardware of the servers used. The application processes XML files in memory, which makes it necessary to equip the system with sufficient working memory (RAM). The specific requirements depend on the amount of data to be processed, so an estimate is made based on the following parameters:

  • Number of reporting institutes: 50
  • Number of XBRL reports per institute per year: 50 (incl. rejected and test reports and validations)
  • Number of users: 25
  • Number of concurrent XBRL processings: 5

The database and the application server (IIS) should be operated on separate servers.

  • Operating System Server Microsoft Windows Server 2012 R2 or higher for ASP IIS Hosting.
  • Hardware Specifications
    • Working memory: 32 GB RAM
    • For Processing of XBRL Instance Documents instances larger then 100 MB file size, 64 GB RAM is recommended
    • Processor: Multi-core processor with at least 4 cores
    • SSD recommended
  • Database: Microsoft SQL Server 2012 or higher
    • Storage size: Approx. 15 GB per year
    • SSD recommended
    • If the optional, XBRL BI is enabled, an additional 10 GB storage size per year is required.

The use of virtual servers is possible in principle, but can be accompanied by performance losses (scenario: CPU is used intensively by another machine).

The user interface of the XBRL portal is a browser. Compatible browser versions are:

  • Mozilla Firefox (recommended)
  • Google Chrome (recommended)
  • MS Internet Explorer Version 11 or higher

For using the MS Excel Import/Export, MS Office version 2010 or higher is required (XLSX).

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