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 When do I need a new license?

A new licence is required if 

  • you change from version 2.5 or 2.6 to version 2.7 or 2.8
  • you need one or more additional modules
 Can I use the license from the 2.7 also for the 2.8?

Yes, it's possible. The licenses of version 2.7 are also valid for version 2.8.

There is only a restriction if you use a license for version For technical reasons, this license does not work with the 2.8

 Which modules does a SmartNotes delivery include?

Starting with version 2.7, the delivery includes the SmartNotes modules Factory, XBRL (ESEF) and LayoutRobot

 Are additional modules subject to a charge?

Yes, the standard license only includes SmartNotes with the Classic scope

 If we first update without ESEF functionality, is it enough to install the license with ESEF at a later time?

After installing an extended license only a restart of the SmartNotes server service is necessary. There are no further installations.

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