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To activate ActiveDirectory synchronization in SmartNotes, the following requirements should be met:

  • the server, where the SmartNotes Service runs must be in the domain
  • the following settings must be configured in SmartNotes Client and Server


In the configuration file SmartNotesServerService.exe.Config -> activate (uncomment) the "ActiveDirectoryConnectionSettings" section in two places: in the declaration section <configSections>, and in the "ActiveDirectoryConnectionSettings" section at the bottom of the file.



              <section name="ActiveDirectoryConnectionSettings"


SmartNotes.ActiveDirectoryConnector" />


  <ActiveDirectoryConnectionSettings Enabled="True">


      <add Entry="OU=Users,OU=myDepartment,dc=myDomain,dc=com" UserName="" Password=""/>




Multiple ActiveDirectory entries can be configured in the "ActiveDirectoryConnectionSettings" section. SmartNotes can query information about AD Groups and Users from these entries.

Usually, one configuration entry is enough.  More will be needed only in case of AD Forest configuration. One configuration entry contains the following attributes:

 <add Entry="OU=Users,OU=myDepartment,dc=myDomain,dc=com" UserName="" Password=""/>

  • Entry – ActiveDirectory Organization Unit entry, where the Groups and Users can be queried by SmartNotes
  • UserName – username credentials part for the case that communication with ActiveDirectory is done with impersonation. It is a rare case. If your server is in domain, leave credentials empty
  • Password – password credentials part. The password should be encrypted. Please call the SmartNotes.PasswordEncrypter tool from the same folder with your password instead of mypassword
    SmartNotes.PasswordEncrypter –p:mypassword


There is no special configuration for the client config file, so just configure the client as it is described in the following chapters.

After that start the client and login using the administration account. Directly in the “Available Documents” dialog, which follows the login dialog, click on the configuration button.


In the Configuration Dialog select the “General Settings” tab and click on the [Open System Settings Visualizer] button.

 Add a new configuration property enableActiveDirectoryAuthentication with the value 1 in the following dialog:


Close the window, save the changes in the configuration dialog and close the client.

Please restart the SmartNotes Service afterwards to activate the changes.

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