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SmartNotes Interface Architecture

This document describes the functionality of data import from TM1 into SmartNotes. This scenario can be used to import TM 1 Views via the TM1 Rest Api.

For details of the SmartNotes system architecture please refer to the “SmartNotes Technical Documentation”.

System requirements

The TM1 Rest Api has to be available in Your TM 1 Server Version and enabled . Connection parameters to the Rest Service needs to be provided and a TM1 user. On the SmartNotes Server side all files are distributed by the SmartNotes Server installation package.

TM1 View Import to SmartNotes

Setup of TM1 Datasourtce within SmartNotes

Within the SmartNotes Import Administration a new connector have to be defined, using the “TM1 - Import” as interface. If the entry is not available from the list, please ask the technical SmartNotes hotline to provide the library.

All connection and logon parameters can be defined within the Connector dialog.

If the checkbox “Technical User” is check in the logon dialog, the password will be store.

After added the new connector to the list, data sources needs to be defined in the next dialog.

In the data source definition You can decide for every dimension how the values has to be extracted short vs long. The values are selected by default long (with alias). Setting an additional datasource parameter for the respective parameter to S You can change it to short.

Mapping of the Query result

Within the Mapping Administration the columns to import needs to be chosen. Please refer to the normal SmartNotes user documentation or AMANA consulting to get support for this step.

After setting up all correctly and getting a valid non-empty preview, the interface is setup completely and an import can be done.

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