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The Factory module is an addition to the SmartNotes editorial system. With an extended range of functions, this module is intended to support the user in the creation of several similar reports [e.g. for HGB individual financial statements]. All previously known functions of SmartNotes remain unrestricted.

Functional description Factory

The structure of the documents is extended by a hierarchy with the Factory. Any number of sub-documents can be subordinated to a master document. The chapters as well as the Word, Excel and PowerPoint files of the master document are inherited to the sub-documents. The chapter structure as well as the structure of the Excel tables is fixed by the master document. Word and PowerPoint files, on the other hand, can be edited in the respective sub-documents. Furthermore, it is possible to define an individual workflow with specific status levels for each sub-document.
As already known from SmartNotes, an import can be carried out individually in each document. In addition, if the factory module is installed, there is the option of centrally importing all sub-documents, provided that a flat list is available as an import file and the same chart of accounts and a unique sub-ID are available for each sub-document.

SN-Factory Module#Top

Notes on installation and implementation

SmartNotes Factory can be added to an existing SmartNotes installation or used as a stand-alone product. If SmartNotes is already in use, the display and the functionality of the cockpit remain unchanged, as long as no sub-documents are created for existing documents.
The Factory-module is provided as a combination of one or more database scripts, an extension of the application server and a customized client. The provision takes place as an MSI file. A server-side installation requires the appropriate already installed version of the SmartNotes server. Detailed information about the installation will be provided during the deployment.

SN-Factory Module#Top

SmartNotes Factory Cockpit

When a master document is called for the first time, the SmartNotes Cockpit does not differ from the known view.

When calling a subdocument, however, some new features can be recognized.

The Excel, Word and PowerPoint files have a small green "M" in the upper left corner. This "M" indicates the relationship to the Master.

Master and Subdocument Relationships

 The document corresponds to the master. Changes are passed on automatically.

 The document does not correspond to the master. Changes are not automatically accepted.

After adapting the subdocument, the master was adapted. There is a need for action for the responsible supervisor. It must be checked whether and which changes are to be adopted by the Master.

Excel Files in Factory

Furthermore, it can be seen that Excel documents cannot be changed. The small lock in the lower right corner is always present here, regardless of status or authorization. Changes to Excel files can only be made in the Master.

The creation, adaptation, programming and checking in of Excel files is only possible in the master document. Depending on the respective permissions, however, opening to view the files in the sub-documents is still permitted. Changes in the master are automatically and without exception passed on to the sub-documents.

Each sub-document uses its own data cache. The values in the respective sub-documents can therefore differ. Rounding adjustments in sub-documents are carried out exclusively via the data view. This also applies to the entry of manual values [#m].

Word and PowerPoint

Apart from the special features known from SmartNotes, Word and PowerPoint files are also handled analogously in the Factory. 


In the Master, references can be set and defined as usual. Source and destination of a reference are used proportionally for sub-documents. Unfortunately, it is not possible to use references across documents.

SN-Factory Module#Top

Access Management

In addition to the classic SmartNotes authorization concept, the Factory module contains six additional authorizations:

Pull files from Masterdocument

The permission "Pull files from Masterdocument" allows the user to open the dialog "Update Word (get from master document)".

Push Files to Subdocument

If the authorization "Push Files to Subdocument" is activated, a user can pass content from the master document to the subdocuments via the menu item "Update Word (pass on to subdocuments)".

Dialog: ImportData Per Batch

Allows the import from the material document into all sub-documents at the same time.

Dialog: Multiple Output Manager

Displays the item "Multiple Output Manager" under the menu item "Document". This menu item can be used to display result documents for several sub-documents simultaneously.

Dialog: Textblock Editor

The "Dialog: Textblock Editor" allows the user to define text blocks that can be reused in any number of places.

Dialog: Virtual Document Manager

Shows the item "Virtual Document Manager" under the menu item "Tools".

SN-Factory Module#Top

Document Management Factory

The call of the document management is unchanged in the factory.

If a new document is to be created, this is possible via "Create document". A document only becomes a master when sub-documents are created. In order to create a sub-document, the document that is to function as the master in the future must first be marked. Then the button "Create new sub-document" must be clicked.

A dialog opens that allows the name, workflow and key date to be adjusted.

As soon as at least one sub-document has been assigned to a new or existing document, the extended functions of the Factory are available. The superior document now represents the master.

SN-Factory Module#Top

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