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A ribbon is a graphical operating concept for application programs that combines the elements menu control, toolbars and dialogs with each other. Ribbons are also used, for example, in Microsoft Office from Version 2007, as well as in WordPad, Microsoft Paint under Windows 7, in AutoCAD, Inventor and Snagit. Starting with Windows 8, the Windows Explorer also has a ribbon.

When installing the SmartNotes client, the SmartNotes ribbons are also installed. 

If the SmartNotes ribbons have not been installed, you can install them using the following procedure.

In the SmartNotes Cockpit, select "Document\Settings\User settings" and open the "MS Office settings" there.

The check mark for the option "Disable SmartNotes Office Ribbons" must now be set. Then the dialog is closed with the button "Close".

Now the entry is saved via the "Save" button. The dialog is not closed yet.

Now the check mark at "Disable SmartNotes Office Ribbons" is removed again.

By activating and deactivating this option, the so-called registry entries are removed.

In order to start the installation of the ribbons again, the button "Register Office Addins" must be clicked.

A message appears informing you that the ribbons have been registered.

The change must now be saved with "Save", then the dialog is closed with "Close". The settings can now be left.

The SmartNotes client must now be closed to call Word, Excel and PowerPoint outside of SmartNotes.

The call of an empty document is sufficient. Saving the document is not necessary. 

SmartNotes now installs the ribbons for Word, Excel and PowerPoint in the background.

If the following dialog appears when restarting the SmartNotes Client, confirm with "Yes". 

If you confirm with "Yes", the following dialog appears. 

This dialog is closed by confirming the "OK" button.

The SmartNotes ribbons should now be available in Word, Excel and PowerPoint.

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