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Unfortunately, this is a somewhat unsightly effect. A registration is neither necessary nor possible.

You have probably called up a link that wants to access a blocked or no longer available page.

We maintain our documentation continuously. For this reason it can happen that a page is not available for a short time.

If the page is still not available after several attempts, please inform us. We will then check and correct this promptly.

Our goal is to keep this documentation as up-to-date as possible and to maintain it continuously. 

If you have any questions or discover any ambiguities, please do not hesitate to contact us by e-mail. The same applies to suggestions or proposals for improvement.

Please note, however, that this documentation is not intended to replace consultation/training by our consultants.

The documentation in SmartNotes is available in English and German. The content (German/English) is controlled by your web browser settings, the display is according to the language set there.

Only the start page "SmartNotes" does not have this control for reasons. 

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