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The data to be imported must be made available in Lucanet in a virtual database by defining Cubes and Dimensions Subsets.

Here, every user who should be able to import data, either via a group or at least on user level, must be granted read permission on the virtual database.

Also, these users must have the right to access the desired data from outside via the XMLA interface.

SmartNotes now establishes a connection to the provided XMLA interface via OLE DB for OLAP and selects the desired data via an MDX statement from the cubes defined in the virtual database.

Additional Software Requirements

The Microsoft Ole DB Provider for Analysis Services 13.0.2164.1 must be used to establish the connection. The feature pack can be downloaded from the following link:

Please select the correct installer for your system:

  • 64 Bit System – 1031\amd64\SQL_AS_OLEDB.msi
  • 32 Bit System – 1033\x86\SQL_AS_OLEDB.msi


The installation of the interface is done in the following steps:

1. after consultation with the users, please stop the server service

2. please unpack the Zip archive

3. copy all files from the InstallationFolderServer folder to the <SmartNotesServer Installation> folder If the folder already exists, please replace it with the new version in any case (please do not rename it).

4. copy all files from the folder "SubFolder" into the folder <SmartNotesServer Installation>\Import. If the folder already contains files, please replace them with the new version (please do not rename them).

5. at the initial setup please make sure that Microsoft Ole DB Provider for Analysis Services 9.0 is installed on the SmartNotes Server.

Afterwards the service can be started again.

As soon as the SmartNotes Server service has been restarted and a user has logged on to the server with the SmartNotes Client, the user can now configure a Lucanet import in the import management.

Definition of the data sources

The procedure for defining a Lucanet data source is similar to the creation of a standard data source. Detailed information can be found in the SmartNotes User Manual.

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